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Is Jakarta Dangerous?


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It's not chockers with partisan fighters, no, but it's not Singapore either.


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I have been to Jakarta a few times on business, I feel 'safe' but it is still un-nerving to find security posts, guards with machine guns and airport-style checks for bombs at the entry to your hotel plus metal detectors and X-ray scanners before you enter the lobby. Some people say this makes them feel SAFER but I think that if they need those types of precautions then any 'safety' is limited to being in the hotel!


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I've found Jakarta to be a very welcoming place - particularly if you get off the beaten path.

Aside from Kota perhaps, I'd say it's the sort of place where you can walk around at all hours without fear of anything more than casual "massage" solicitation...


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I travel to Jakarta 2-3 times a year for holidays. I LOVE the place! Great food, shopping and heaps to keep you entertained. Feel safer in Jakarta at night, than in the middle of Sydney.


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I've been to Jakarta about ten times in ten years. For terrorism, it's no different to any modern city - Madrid, London, New York, Boston?  You take your chances everywhere these days.  Mulia is a good hotel - owned by Indonesian "high-ups" so well catered for safety.  I walk outside for exercise - round football stadium park area with no problems.  Stay alert - probably lots of petty crime I'm sure, but never bothered me.  Lots of beggers to deal with.  No problem there. Large shopping malls seem safe enough.  CBD office area seems safe enough - go out for lunch and walk around with no fear.  Ask to get provided with a full time driver if you're going on business.  Try to get vehicle with darkened glass.  From a lifestyle point of view, avoid prostitutes, night clubs, being drunk, drugs, and you'll be fine.  If you go looking for trouble, you'll find it.  Like anywhere else really.  Watch what you eat from a bacteria point of view.  Don't drink tap warer. I've never been ill at the Mulia.  Great hotel.  Have re-pat insurance.  keep your wits about you.  Avoid flashy dressing and remove your jewellry.  I took my wife on one trip and she enjoyed the shopping!


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i second the Mulia, Its one of the reasons I visit Jakarta!


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When travelling to Indonesia rather bring Cash and Credit Cards with you but Do Not Bring Travellers Cheques with You as it`s not widely accepted in Indonesia. You`ll have a really hard time trying to change them as most of the banks and money changers Do Not Accept them. The Banks will all tell you try there Head Office in Sudirman. I eventually found a travel agent that changed it and they gave me a very low rate and because I had no other alternative then to get a taxi and look for Bank Danamon Head Office in Sudirman so I just took the rate they gave me as I was tired of trying to find a place that changes American Express Travellers Cheques. So save yourself the hassle and just bring cash with you.


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Below are several types of taxi scams in Jakarta:
• fake argo-meter, sometimes the taxi driver modifies the meters and passenger has to pay more than its ordinary price.
• robery. To avoid the above matters, try to find taxi in the reliable hotel.
Another solution is booked the taxi by phone from reliable taxi operator.


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In Jakarta is like all in Indonesia - car driving on the left side.
For one from Europe is difficult- in special, it can cause difficulties for a newcomer.
So try to use the overpasses or overways at traffic lights.
But this is same- the overpasses of Jakarta not all without danger, be carful in climbing very steep usually and be careful (as ever in big citys of the world) with much people around.


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I would suggest only taking a Blue Bird taxi when you are in Jakarta. Some people suggest Express taxis but I had a terrible experience with them. I once tried to take an Express taxi and the driver refused to use the meter and tried to charge me an exorbitant fare. When I told him I was going to complain to his company, he attacked me. Enough said - avoid Express taxis.


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Its better off if you leave your passport and all valuable stuff at your hotel safety box just as a precaution. Anything can be happened and its too late to feel sorry for that. Take a photocopy of your passport withyou at all times.


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Do not eat fruits from the ground or which are already opened in the market! Malaria is not very prevalent here, but if you want to do island-hopping preview a pills-therapy against it!

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