Which is the easiest oneworld airline to achieve Platinum (emerald) ?

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Which is the easiest oneworld airline to achieve Platinum (emerald) ? I'm Currently Qantas Platinum, I now tend to fly BA, JAL CX and QR combination, however due to QF status credits changes in July , I'm looking at other options

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AA offers a fast track way of reaching Platinum, but it involves earning a certain number of AA EQP's (status credits) and you need to plan out a few AA flights within a three month period -- it doesn't sound like you do a lot of travel to the US, so that might be tricky for you. There are some good sites/guides out there if you google 'AA Platinum Challenge'. 

If that's not feasible for you, then I'm not really sure. Probably the airline that you fly with most, given that the trend is towards awarding fewer points/status credits to passengers flying with partner airlines. BA doesn't offer Executive Club membership to Australian addresses, so they're out. 


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AA PLat is not OW Emerald, you need to achieve Exec Plat with AA to get OW Emerald. There is no fast track to Exec Plat so it needs to be achieved by sitting on planes. I agree with am your best bet would be to do the Plat challenge and take it from there. AA is genererous when it comes to partner airlines earning of qualifiying miles / points and the Exec benefits are great (8 system wide upgrades to be used on ANY fare as an exeample, low redemption rates, great non alliance partners etc). As a second choice I'd go for Marco Polo (CX) as they seem to be ok and handy when you fly them and are based in Australia / Asia region.


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CX also tend to be quite generous with its own elites re upgrades and opening up award seats


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I think it will be CX for me and the Marco Polo scheme.  I'm also going to write a suitably grovelling email requesting a status match, especially as the majority of my international travel has been with them over the last 12 months and in business class and that is not because I am wanting to ditch Qantas, they have just systematically removed all my options for flying them out of Perth internationally.


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I am thinking of doing similar- moving to CX and seeing if they'll status match my QFF platinum. Anyone had any experience of this/best way of going around this? I'm in Melbourne so not as bad as elsewhere for Qantas options, but with the recent changes, they're just not competitive for me from a FF point of view into Northern Asia (where I normally transfer onto CX anyway).


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From reading this website, my understanding is that its very hard to get status matched within alliance partners. So it might be possible to get matched with Virgin Australia or Delta or something, but usually AA or CX wouldn't. Its poor form to poach your alliance partner's VIPs. But if anyone has any success that would be awesome. 

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