New AusBT commenting policy.

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New AusBT commenting policy.

A quick heads-up: we're in the home stretch for the revamp of AusBT's design, and I reckon you'll like what you will see (especially if you're connecting from a mobile device).

What is currently Q&A is going to be quite enhanced (yeah, yeah, I went and used 'the e-word'!) plus better control over comment editing.

We're also going to be tighter on comment moderation. I've always said that comments regarding an article need to address the issue, not the person making the comment (in terms of the often-wonderful 'back and forth' we get from readers in discussions).

Sure, we can't all be saints, and there is sometimes room for a clever or even colourful comment in the mix, so I accept there's a bit of a broad line here. But as a rule, the more your comment/reply 'attacks' someone, the more likely it will be deleted outright. Stick to the facts or at the very least informed opinion offered in a friendly manager and you'll be fine - just as in real life!

Also: I'm going to start coming down a lot stronger on comments which don't add any real value to an article. I'll always look at this from the perspective of a reader, especially a newcomer to the AusBT fold who may have come in from Google or such. If as a 'reader' I see a comment which doesn't really add any value to the article or the comments-based discussion, that comment will stand a good chance of being deleted.

In all cases, the aim is to keep the discussions and comments under articles 'on track' as a useful addition to the article.


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David, I am sure your ABT enhancement will exceed a Qantas enhancement!!


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'Enhanced' AusBT, does that mean slower and we now have to pay to read articles? LOL!

All sounds good to me David, I know in the past you seem to have avoided deleting comments at all cost and prefer to step in and ask readers when things get a bit 'heated' to calm down and keep it civil, but I think being more willing to hit your DELETE key on a comment will be a good thing. The guidelines seem very clear and people who don't like their comments being deleted will quickly learn to keep it civil and focus on 'adding value' to a thread as you say.


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It is absolutely right for them to delete and control some of the posts.  Very valid points are raised by numerous readers on many issues and they even interject them with some humour which is acceptable.  It is unacceptable for some of the abuse posted by a minority of readers and commenter’s though. During the wailing and gnashing of teeth after Qantas decimated the status credits of OW flights for example, there were a few comments made claiming that people who didn’t buy full tickets were bottom feeders etc etc.  Now everyone is entitled to opinions about the SC issue but to resort to name calling is petty, bullying and in many forums the person making such comments is often blocked from making further ones.

 I did find the sarcasm about enhancements mildly amusing though. 

Be very careful what you put on these kind of sites though when posting comments.  Please keep it civil.  And David, keep up the good work.

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