• Yep still happening for me too. First world problem I guess, but it is frustrating.

  • nix584, you do earn SC's and point on HA flights whether VA or HA flight number. I took family to Oahu and Maui last year on HA flight numbers and got both SC's and point including inter-island flights.

  • Login just to view some posts?

    Nov 09, 2018, 10:54 AM

    Sorry Sid, it doesn't seem to be fixed, I still had to log in to see this post.

  • Thanks to everyone that replied. I am probably leaning towards Etihad for the timing and going straight through even though the fees are steeper, although LP's idea of flying out one and back in the other definitely has a big appeal. Currently only Silver FF member (was just downgraded), though s...

  • Hello all,I have a stash of VA FF points that I am itching to use for 2x return Business Class to London. Since I can use them with Etihad or Singapore, I was wondering what people's preferences were and why. I am based in Sydney and would be looking to fly anytime between mid May and September i...