Sydney international transfer service.

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Sydney international transfer service.

Ok, I want to fly from Perth to Melbourne via Sydney with the SYD to MEL flight leaving from T1 with Jetstar. Will I be aloud to travel on the international transfer bus or will I be told to find my own way to the International terminal? The reason I want to take this route to Melbourne is so I can check out Jetstar's Dreamliner and also to have my first look at the Sydney first class lounge.

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If your PER-SYD flight is with QF, yes, you can use the transfer bus.

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Maybe its too late for the OP, but using the transfer bus, if its QF or JQ is easy peasy.

Domestically, your plane will land into the QF terminal on the domestic side, go to GATE 15, tell them you want to get over to the International Terminal.  They will either put you onto the bus, or you wait till the next one.

The bus will take you from the secure zone of the QF SYD Domestic Terminal, to a certain not too well used spot, but very good so, because its out of the way, and its not out the front near where the train station is.

QF bus drops you off, you use the escalators, or the stairs, to get to check in area J, and then check in there.  The bus drop off is near check in area A, so its a bit of a walk. 

If you have staus you can use F class lounge, if not, use the J class lounge.

If your JQ flight is classled as a flight that allows domestic passenger on an internatiation flight, ie, like the converse of JQ35 (which does the SYD to MEL run-can't remember what the other one is, if its JQ34?) or one like it, you can use the international F or J lounge.

If you are goint into an international flight from SYD, but domestic from PER to SYD, you do Customs & Immi in SYD, so give it about an hour and half to get through, the line can be long.  And time in the lounge, 1.5 hours, so, hopefully anyone planing to do this, should put a bit of time in transit, from Dom to Int at SYD.

I am a QP (QC member), and have shown the card and the BP and gotten into the QF SYD J International lounge.

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PS: Scott, I hope you are an Australian Citizen, because its a long process, having to go out of SYD, ie, immigration process, esp the process of having a D sticker on your boarding pass, so no online check in, have to turn up to SYD JQ chcekin, present passport and then get D stickered boarding pass.

Go through Immi outgoing from Australia, go through Int Security, get pass duty free, which with D sticker, you can't buy.

Go to the J lounge, PS: there is a man outside the F lounge, so if you don't have the QF status, you can't get to even see the QF F lounge!

Go to J lounge, eat, enjoy.

Go onto the Dreamliner, mine was very late, 45 mins to an hour late that few saturdays ago.

Enjoy playing with the window shading!!!!  O, if you read this, book and fly ASAP, as JQ seem to have taken off the Dreamliner early next year on their booking system.  Domestic passenger on an international flight capability.

Coming into MEL, immi was the longest thing, can't use Smartgate, so your D stickered BP has to be stamped as incoming into Australia.  Have to show passport as well.  Foreign or Australian will do, the Australian queue was very long, lots of people had the D stickered BP.

The snaking queue was horrendous.

Pass Quarantine, keep your D stickered BP till you go right to the end, before you exit the secure zone, as your BP will be collected.

Hopefully, my tutorial will be of help to someone planning this soon!

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