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DXB EK First Class Lounge

I've finally bitten the bullet and succumbed to the ridiculously cheap Y fares to AU from LHR on QF. A week out and there are still at least 9 seats in O, Q, N inventory! Talk about poor demand!

Anyway could someone please provide me with the lowdown on the EK First lounge. i.e. orientation of the lounge, directions, tips etc. I'm interested in having a shower and the table service for breakfast. I intend to avoid the Y meals and eat well at the BA First Lounge at LHR and the EK First Lounge in DXB (OW E).

I'm thinking I'll have enough time in DXB (connecting from QF2 to QF 10...to maximise mileage accrual). Could someone also please confirm if that is the case - I'm not familiar with DXB ground procedures.

Also, are there any tips if EK lounge dragons give me grief. QF website clearly indicates that OW E are allowed access to the EK First Lounge but again this is unfamiliar territory for me and I'm not sure how narky EK staff might be.


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I cannot help you on anything related to the lounges themselves, but print out the QF website pages that clearly indicate OWE access to the EK F lounge in DXB, and don't be afraid to use them.


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I have only used the EK business lounge at DXB, easy to locate and excellent lounges with superb facilities. Qantas flights use Emirates Concourse A in Terminal 3, see link below.  I will be using the first lounge soon, but after your trip. OWE is able to use the first lounge.



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Thank you Chrisor and watson374!


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My family and I (wife and two teenage sons) came through the lounge last year and the staff happily let us in and showed us around. - Funny side note: on the return trip my wife and sons were travelling separately and my wife had to put up a fuss just to get them into the business lounge (she is qff gold and was travelling business class) as my sons were deemed too old to be seen as children (they are seen as children at all other qantas lounges from my experience) - so bring that qantas website printout! - The lounge itself is massive, the entry is located in the centre of the lounge, which side you go too really just depends which gate your next flight departs from as everything you find on the left hand side, you will find on your right and vice versa. We didn't sit down to eat but we picked up a couple of things from the buffet which were decidedly average. The showers however were very good. Good toiletries etc. Good water pressure and unlimited time! Hope this has helped!


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Thank you  Jamien. The information on the layout of the lounge and the buffet is very helpful! 


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You shouldn't have any trouble. The Emirates staffed are pretty well versed on the Qantas partnership.

I think pretty much all A380 flights arrive at the dedicated terminal so you shouldn't have any problem time-wise as you won't have to transfer terminals. 

The First lounge itself is very big. I only went there for about half an hour during my last transit through Dubai and it was pretty busy. I didn't try the sit down meal though so can't help you with that. 

Going to your next flight can be a bit of a walk depending on what gate it is at so just make sure you factor that into your timings.


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Thank you AusFlyer. I shall be cognisant of the time.


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Both your flights will be arriving/leaving from the same terminal, so you won't need to waste time transferring to another terminal. The lounge is on the top level of the terminal, accessible via the lifts or escalators. However, you can enter at several points across the terminal. It is well signposted.

The Emirates First Class lounge in Dubai is sensational, so you should have a great time. It is arguably better than the Qantas First Class lounge in Sydney.

The showers, which are relatively easy to find, are great (better than Qantas First Class lounge in Sydney) and every amenity that you could think of is available - razor (good quality), shaving foam, toothbrush (Oral B), toothpaste (Colgate) etc.

The fine dining table service (well signposted and lounge staff are happy to take you there, let alone just give directions) is akin to eating in a top notch restaurant. The service is excellent and Moet is essentially available 'on tap.'

From what I've inferred you are QF Platinum, in which case you'll have no trouble getting in. As AusFlyer said, the lounge staff are well versed in the eligibility criteria.

I would tend to disagree with AusFlyer somewhat regarding your timings. Whilst it is a long lounge as you'll see, in my opinion the biggest walk you can get is five to six minutes (if you are a brisk walker). Walks at London Heathrow, London Gatwick or Singapore Changi are often much longer. The good thing about the lounge is your flight will be called by the lounge staff, as opposed to being a silent lounge. Another pretty cool trait is your point of exit in the lounge will be your boarding gate and lift which will take you down to the aircraft will bypass any economy class queues.




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Thank you trevor for the very detailed response. Much appreciated.

Unfortunately (fortunately ??) I'm not QFF Plat. Hence the concern.

Thank you for the tips everyone!


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Interesting, your post prompted me to look at the T&C's and indeed, OW E are allowed entry into the First Class lounge. Me thinks this is because there is no OW lounge in the A380 terminal and all QF flights leave from there? Hence they have to cater for OW FF travelling on QF operated and marketed flights? You should be good!

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