[QFi] SYD-SIN Classic Awards.

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[QFi] SYD-SIN Classic Awards.

They used to be 72,000 points (upgrade 36,000 discount Y to J), I'm very sure, but now the search engine is spitting out a figure of 60,000 points (upgrade 40,000 discount Y to J). Has the SIN route actually gotten cheaper? :O

Also, between a Skybed I and Club World, which d'you think is the better product to redeem for, if I was to?


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I'd go for Club World. I hear BA serves afternoon tea on the SYD/SIN segment in Club World. I LOVE the BA afternoon tea service!


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BA 777 Club World is horrible, back-to-front seating and 8 across, it is a claustraphobic experience.  You need to do a high jump over the next seat if you are at a window.  QF (even the A330) J-Class is so much nicer - fewer seats and a much better experience.


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AVOID >>>BA a verry bad airline,,cant belive you and i wase our time.

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