Emirates business+business or first+economy?

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Go from MEL and have A380 + J the whole way. 

My suggestion: Spend most of your time at the bar. 777 is quite a downgrade after that. 


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Do J. F will spoil you for Y - and you're unlikely to sleep with the bling of the golden finishes in your eyes anyway. In J I like to recline angled seats to "Z-bed mode" and sleep from there - not a massive difference from the comfort of fully flat, or in this case, F. Y? I do it all the time, and trust me, it's OK unless you've walked through J (or F) - it's miserable then.


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Some 777 don,t have f class on DBx man route anyway only a380. F is not that much better than j. Beware j class seats at back of a 380 near the bar noisy 

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