I spend about 40 - 50k a year on my credit card.

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I spend about 40 - 50k a year on my credit card. Any suggestions to which one gives the best value in terms of reward points? I'm a QFF and Velocity member with a paltry amount in both and keen to build one or the other up. Suggestions? Thanks heaps!


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American express will give you the greatest points / dollar spent.

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Also belong to QFF and Velocity, have been using NAB Qantas Premium cards for a few years (you get an Amex and a Visa on same account).  Good return on the  AMEX, not brilliant on the Visa - 1.5pts per $  Amex. and .5pt per $ Visa. I try to use the Amex as much as possible for everything, even for $20 at the supermarket. Some places don’t like AMEX, quite surprising how many do though. A $50k spend exclusively on the Amex would net 75,000 QFF points. O/S travel insurance included, which I have claimed on once, not too much trouble.

 Am giving up on my Virgin Money issued Visa card that feeds Velocity, which is 1pt per $, but only up to $1500 spend per month then it halves. Am about to take up a NAB Velocity Premium card offer (same deal and points on Amex and Visa) as they have a good bonus offer ( 40,000 bonus points on the QFF and Velocity cards until end of month, not a bad kick start)

 Watch out for cards that offer a lot of points per $ - often they are ‘laundered” thru an intermediate program, and by the time they are transferred to your FF account, it can shrink to 1:1 (or worse)


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From someone who has a coperate account with Qantas.Yes you still can pay cash and the savings beat any credit card and points offered ...get a Qantas account manager.


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For Qantas, the new Jetstar MasterCard offers 1 point per $1 and a low annual fee of $69 (for first year, $149 after that). You also get 30,000 points as a sign on. Other MC/Visa offering 1:1 are HSBC ($199 fee, 20k points sign on), CitiBank ($299 fee, 50k points sign on), and a few others like Macquarie, Suncorp who have reasonable fees but no sign on bonus. 

In regards to Velocity, your best option to maximise points is the Virgin Money High Velocity Card, which offers 1.25 points per $1 on a Visa with a sign on of 40,000 at an annual fee of $289. CitiBank Signature also offers a 1:1 transfer and a 40,000 point sign on with a $299 fee. Most of the other rewards cards with Velocity offer a fairly sub par earning rate. 

Of course, you can maximise your points earnings (around 3 points per $1) by using an Amex card which some institutions offer, but of course, it's not accepted everywhere and you usually cop the extra % on purchases. 

Virgin also have much better redemption rates with their points - ie SYD-MEL is 9,900 points. On Qantas the same route is 16,000 points. 


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I agree with Amex being best, both via a bank or as a standalone card which allows you to transfer to multiple award programmes.  Key is to have uncapped points earn so your fifty K gets 75k in points not reduced after the first 10k.


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I would recommend Amex platinum for best value for money and it includes travel insurance and other benefits ,check it out on their website .good luck!


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I spend somewhat more on my primary card and use the AMEX Platinum charge card wherever I can - specifically at Coles/Woolies in AU and at any national chain.

  • The points earn is very good 
  • It includes travel insurance
  • You get to enter multiple hotel, car, and airline programs at a high level (for example, I have low status with VA but can use their lounges when I do travel on them)
  • You get a annual $200 travel voucher
  • Their travel concierge is really good - they organised a multi-city, domestic and international itinerary for me recently that allowed me to book upgradeable fares for the long haul sectors that weren't offered via the various airline sites. 
  • Security is excellent - fraud prevention, lost cards - all exceptional service outcomes. 


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Citi bank were offering 80 000 points then 1 per dollar for visa with QF. Are u self employed if so pay your bas with your cc at0.42% and it's tax deductible ie 0.21% 

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