Cathay Pacific Reduces Premium Economy capacity for Australian flights.

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Cathay Pacific Reduces Premium Economy capacity for Australian flights.

It was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald and picked up by the UK Business Traveller that CX will reduce PE capacity on its A330.

I don't believe it has been reported here and thought it might interest readers to this forum.

I am not suggesting at all, through this post, that AUSBT ought to have picked up this story. The prerogative to publish is entirely that of the editors of this website. I'm just pointing it out to regular readers who might have missed this development.

Here's the question (in case someone's asking as if to allude that a comment does not belong in a question and answer section): Have CX underpriced their PE product and believe more Y seats provides a better yield? I've noticed that CX PE fares have risen across the board and are not as competitive as they use to be. Are these moves a realisation that they've had the wrong mix?


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Thank you for the information.I also noticed on several of my future flights booked in PE that one row had been removed from the seating plan.It would seem this will occur after September as my flights up to October still show the full compliment  and those following have been revised.I can only assume CX had difficulty selling the seats given the pricing has always been considerably higher than QF .I have taken  several PE flights since CX released the cabin and most have not been to capacity and in fact those that have  were upgrades from economy .Given the low loads with full fare passengers  I did suspect a reduction would arise .


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Gives weight to Qantas' recent claim that demand for PE into Asia isn't that great. 


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We flew CX PE in June, and the Load MEL to HKG was light, the laod HKG to LHR was full going. But the Load LHR thru to MEL was full. As to price we paid $3600 return MEL to LHR, QF was over $5000, we did check both on the QF website, and the TA.

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