Business class: Emirates vs Cathay Pacific

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Emirates Business or Cathay Pacific Business.

Hi Guys, I'm thinking of either flying Emirates or Cathay pacific from Australia to London. I know cathay pacific was awarded some awards for their business class seats but haven't really heard of the Emirates business class. I know emirates has the A380 which is a cut above the rest but which business class is really the best? Whats ur opinion??


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For me it's Cathay hands down.

But it depends on your preference. In my opinion CX gets my business because:

  • I like to keep it in the (oneworld) family - I don't fly EK enough to make the Skyward mileage accrual worthwhile.
  • I prefer the multiple options for lounges at HKG & LHR - The EK lounges in DXB and LHR are good but I personally prefer the Wing/Cabin in HKG and the BA Galleries lounges at LHR T3. I also get a sense of guilt seeing the 3rd world workers in the DXB lounges serving me - I keep wondering how horrible their wage and living conditions are!
  • I prefer the understated and private CX seats - The colour scheme of the EK cabin is not my cup of tea.
  • I like the consistent cultural factor of CX flights - Feels like a disjointed United Nations when I fly EK; I feel a disconnect (I don't honestly care how many languages they speak and frankly rather listen to the entertainment than have to put up with them rattling off the list).
  • I still get paranoid going through security at DXB. I worry about concealing my melatonin stash, which is not on a prescription. I worry too that my vitamin pills may be misidentified as some banned substance (no I'm not a footy player taking peptides). Some may not feel that it is a fair comment but I am entitled to perceive fear (in the same way some people fear flying).
  • I have no desire whatsoever to stop over in DXB - If a stop over ever presents itself I would opt for the more, in my opinion, authentic Hong Kong experience (Although if I really wanted to stop over I'd fly via Singapore or Los Angeles (via the Pacific)).


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I have gay friends that are worried about accidentllay showing too much affection towards each other at DXB. Wether that fear is justified or not, the restrictive public liberties in the region outside the terminal can make many apprehensive.


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I'd say go with the one with the better rate. China Southern has a good product but blander and lacking direct aisle access, but it could be cheaper. Etihad also has a nice product (though I haven't flown). EK has A$6290, CZ has A$4700 and MH has A$5740. I'm still trying to get the Cathay website to work but I'm suspecting prices won't be pretty.


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Cathay hands down for me as well.

Cathay has a better seat, more consistent services

HKG is miles ahead of DXB in terms of transit

Lounges at DXB and HKG is pretty much on par

Unless you are going to travel at peak seasons where Cathay's price could be ridiculously more expensive or the award space availability is almost non-existant.


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Having experience both, Cathay easily over Emirates.


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Cathay All The Way

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