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Broome to London.

Why do none of the airline's flying from Eastern Australia Stop once in Broome and then from Broome fly non stop to London, Rome, Paris etc?

Broome to London is about 13,500km's. Melbourne to Los Angeles is 12,500kms. So surely the distance is not an issue?

A flight from Melbourne to Broome is 4.5 hours, and then a direct flight to any of the major capitals in Europe would be another 14-15hours. Taking the total travel time to around 20hours instead of going via Asia or the middle east and totalling 25hours.

It would be great for Western Australia's economy too. Any reason why no one has tried this or will the planes simply not make it even though it's only 1000km's longer than the Melb/Syd to LAX route


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And here is a link of the longest flights, so the technology is there. 



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I don't want to be rude here but people today, for example from cities like London, Paris, LA, Dubai etc... Prefer a big vibrant city over a small town, i dont want to offened anyone, i love visiting the outback but it's just how life is today with all the technology, plus there isn't the capacity and the airport in broome to take long-haul aircraft.


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Using approximate distance, and current flight patterns I would say that broome - LHR is a good 17 hours. To paris is around 16h 30m. unfortunately the only aircraft that could think of doing these treks is the boeing 777-200LR (airbus a340-500 might be capable as well). Qantas has neither of these, and especially in the case of airbus, they are quickly being scrapped because of fuel consumption.

If you are still looking at europe then Istanbul would be ~14hrs. but again something like 77W (which qantas dont have) or a380/747 (which broome airport couldnt handle) would be needed.

Like the thinking though :) Its just that we're so damn far away.


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sorry on second inspectioin i would say IST is around 13 hours.


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Just so far away - I always tell people overseas that we're only 24 hours from anywhere...


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You also need the feeder traffic. That's why Asia and Dubai work so well, people connect through from other cities. For example someone might fly, say, Cairo to Dubai on Emirates then onto London with Qantas. Qantas also take people from Australia to the hubs and have transfer them to other ailines elsewhere and vice versa. 


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Why is everyone asking about strange routes. The other day someone wanted ADL-LHR. This will never happen and they are not large cities and the number of passengers would be too little. There is no route in the world that can't be flowen (thanks to the a345 and 77L)


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IKR. So bizarre. If you don't live at an airline's hub city you have to connect. Fact of life. Deal with it.


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Euroboy..... Are you Alvin?


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I was just thinking the same! 


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I don't think so. The syntax and tone are all different.



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Would a Perth to Europe direct flight ever be possible? Or just pushing it too far. How many years till we see a scram jet Syd to Lhr 4 hour flight? 


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Thank you for clarifying. Pity it can't happen, Everyone I know would take the option of a reduced flight time over that of a stop overseas.

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This is a joke right?

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