BA Free Upgrade to First?

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BA Free Upgrade to First?


I will be travelling from Sydney to Heathrow via Singapore on BA016 in I on 31st December, landing on 1st January, and I was wondering whether the complimentary upgrade to First from Business would be applicable. I know that AUSBT ran a few stories on the upgrade, and as far as I can tell, the upgrade is only open to UK residents, according to BA's UK website (nothing is mentioned on the Australian version). If anyone has any knowledge about the upgrade, whether the offer is still valid, and the eligibility criteria, it would be greatly appreciated.



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Call BA?


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I think you may be out of luck unfortunately.  While the sale was active, if you tried to book a business class ticket through their website, it would display the same price for return business class tickets AND business one way/first class return tickets (or vice versa).  The 'free upgrade' was coded into the price of the ticket.  

So, the people who get the 'free upgrade' actually booked a first class ticket one way and a business class ticket the other way, it was just the same price as return business.  I don't believe the deal will cover you if the ticket you booked says business class both ways.  But perhaps calling BA may help. 



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I did such upgrade last year. I bought ticket before deal was active and did it via website. Then few months later I learned about free upgrade. My traveling dated was within “upgradeable” dates, so I called BA and politely asked them. For $300 “administration fee” they did upgrade for me.


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The current offer is ex-UK for UK residents only.


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There is also another slight problem with this flight.  I booked two weeks ago on this BA flight in First on the 31st from Sydney to London.  The Sydney to Singapore was fine - but the Singapore to London I was put on a wait list that only came through late last week.  It is a 777 service as the A380 out of Singapore only operates 3 days a week.  So even if they agreed to give you the upgrade that fliight out of Singapore is booked up.

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Stop using a web-site and book with a travel agent,it will save you a lot of time and trouble.

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