Why doesn't qantas fly a340s to london.

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Why doesn't qantas fly a340s to london. It could originate in Melbourne/Sydney and go via Adelaide or Perth direct to LHR


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It doesn't have any A340s. Besides, why would Qantas stopover in PER/ADL when SIN is such a big hub? Finding a backup airport for PER or ADL from LHR would be a tough task.


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And plus, the 777 can go many more kilometers than the a340, and as PeterLoh mentioned, why would you stop in Perth when Singapore has such a better airport. You also have to take in mind that qantas likes to drop off and pick up passengers in Singapore, and they also partner with British Airway, who fly out of Singapore. 


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Based on the way most airlines structure ultra-long haul routes, like AUS-UK, in order to maximise the number of customers they can get into the plane it woul;d be a far stretch to see this working.  Currently I don't think QF have any aircraft capable of doing that distance, and the A340 is not the answer either.  They would need the 777-200ER, or may be the second gen A380.  QF will have the opportunity to take back their heathrow landing slots from BA in 4-5 years time when the lease expires, and I would assume that the most likely option would be a 787-900 from HKG, or possibly a Jetstar 787-800.  There is much speculation though, and by that stage their may be a market to revisit the idea of a non-stop business/premium only offering from SYD-LHR dirrect etc.

The other issue you raised is of using a different aircraft on one route.  This creates maintainance issues and scheduling issues (as VA previously saw on their SYD-PER when they only had 2 A330's).  To explore routes like that they need to do so with their current or future fleet options.

Finally as I mentioned earlier the SIN hub currently works well for Qantas, it enables them to draw on up to 10 QF/JQ/BA flights to fill the 2 A380's and the 747 that then depart for Europe each night.


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A340's are an absolute flop. They used to much fuel and the 4 engines meant that there were double the amount of engines to maintain. Also the 777-200lr can fly from Sydney to London nonstop but this would be very expensive as they would have to fuel it up for a 22hr leg and that would make the plane very heavy and it would burn more fuel. Therefore it is cheaper to fuel it up on a 13hr leg and a 7hr leg stopping in a major hub. 

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