Qantas buying the A320neo?

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If you visit it says that Qantas have invested in the a320 neo aircraft, does this mean that they have chose this over the 737 max? Because I didn't think that they made the decision at this moment.


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The page you refer to notes that the fleet development being discussed are for the "Qantas Group". In the case of the A320 neo, they have indeed ordered some for the Jetstar fleet.


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I think they are for jestastr, but you never know, the A320neo could see a kangaroo on its tail. Personaly i prefer the A320 over the 737.


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As the others have noted these are indeed slated for Jetstar and the various Jetstar franchises....however Qantas did not rule out using them for Qantas. Whether they will or not is another question! They ordered 99 neos and almost 200 additional purchase rights for the A320neo family. It wouldn't surprise me if Qantas ended up changing to the neo over the max. If the unions will let them is another matter!


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I wouldn't think they would , all their 737 trained crew would have to learn how to manage the A320 and the pilots would have to retrain for the aircraft (I might of explained that incorrectly) which I don't think Qantas would have to time or the money right now (but if they keep going this way , they will) to train them for the aircraft.


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So sack the QF pilots and replace 'em with lower-paid foreign-based Jetstar pilots. It's win-win! 


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Hugo! You can't say that! I know that's exactly what they do, but there's a correct way to say it: They will migrate the fleet across to the new type with a more appropriate pilot award, but as challenging conditions are unfavourable some pilots will have to be offered generous redundancies.

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