Has anyone heard about the new 'Dream Suite' for Virgin Atlantic?

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Has anyone heard about the new 'Dream Suite' for Virgin Atlantic? Any new routes, etc?


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Yeah, we've heard a little bit about it (smirk) – we were on the inaugural London-New York flight for this, you can see plenty of pics and get excellent first-hand info at the following:

Alas, it won't be arriving onto Virgin Atlantic's Sydney-HK-London services for quite some time: it's likely to be at least two years away, and quite possibly more, because Virgin won't upgrade the Airbus A340-600 planes currently used on the Sydney-Hong Kong-London route.

That means our best chance of seeing the Dream Suite will be on Virgin Atlantic's Boeing 787s, the first of which isn't due until late 2014, and as Virgin Atlantic CEO Steve Ridgway told AusBT journalist John Walton, "whether they'll do [the Sydney] leg straight away is too early to call. They'll certainly go to the Far East [first]."


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The Dream Suite features on all their new A330 aircraft and the 787 when it arrives.  Virgin have invested a lot of money in overhauling their product and service.   Feedback on it has been very positive along the lines of "its nice to have the old Virgin badk"

Their current focus is the Gatwick fleet which has become very tired yet carries a lot of premium leisure traffic, so it is being completely overhauled - but no Dream Suite for Gatwick

The A330 is replacing their A340's (not the 600 series) and in time the 747 400.  My understanding the priority is not to upgrade the A340 - 600s, Next route to see the Dream Suite will be Delhi.

Hong Kong is an important route to Virgin although their one service a day is puts them way behind CX and BA on that route so they lose a lot of premium traffic.

If they change their plan and decide to do the A340 600s (which I believe their customers will demand), it will be routes like LA, New York and Tokyo that would be most likely to get it first - their high traffic premium routes

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My impression after talking with various Virgin Atlantic execs: I don't think the A330 is a direct replacement for anything. I think they're putting it on the routes and flights that they really want to spruik, knowing that the people who care about such things will pick those flights and feel like winners.

I don't think that the A340-600s will get the Dream Suite, unless there's some major 787 problem, since the 340-600 replacement is the 787 (as we've reported when I talked to their CEO: links in David's comments above).

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Great, thank you for the info. I wish the new seats could come to Australia and Sydney faster, they look much better than the old Business Class cabin!

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