best one world lounge dfw?

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best one world lounge dfw?

travelling qf in f on 22:40 departure which is best option for food and wine qf, ba, aa or Qatar?


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The AA lounges are all standard AA lounges - nothing special, think C is generally viewed as best. Limited food selection, basic drinks only (unless you get the vouchers)

BA, QF and I suspect QR use the same third-part lounges near Gate 21/22 in Terminal D which are also nothing special.

Save you appetite for the plane methinks.

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If you have an American Express Platinum Charge or Centurion card, the AMEX Centurion lounge might be your best bet – see Inside the American Express Centurion Lounges

There's also a spa offering free treatments to all lounge users, and if you don't have a Plat Charge/Centurion card, but do have any other AMEX card, that gets you through the door for US$50.


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I've got a feeling there's an even wider list of AMEX cards that grant you a number of visits each year? Either way, $50 is money well spent based on the reviews.


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The AA Lounge in Terminal D has best view. All of the AA Admirals lounges have food / wine available with 2 vouchers that you get upon entry. You'll find the high ceilings and sunset while waiting for your flight quite picturesque. 


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Slim pickings at DFW by the looks of it. Moa999 hit the nail on the head with the save it for the plane comment. Its a shame you are not flying out of LAX. They have 2 pretty impressive Qantas lounges. Looking forward to visiting them soon, well the business one at least.

On a brighter note, no doubt you will still have an amazing experience flying F. Enjoy.


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AMEX  lounge by a mile

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