Considering flying Thai Airways to London in Economy.

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Considering flying Thai Airways to London in Economy. Is there any way that I can check which seats are available before I book as I ideally want to go in the Economy Section at the back of the upper deck, otherwise I might consider another carrier. If not does anyone think that the exit row on the upper deck will be booked out yet?? I'll be flying mid December.


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I haven't travled or booked with Thai in years but they were very good last time I did. 

I would assume you can select select seats after your details are entered. Might be a pain in the ass if they don't have seats you're after. Alos, status opens up seat selection on certain carriers.

Keep in mind they have an australian office, it couldn't hurt to put in a call?


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Just start a dummy booking to the point where you can see the seat availability. However don't get too invested in getting your seat, a lot can change between now and December. 


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ExpertFlyer can help you with that one I think :)

There is a free 5-day trial so it's more than enough time to check availibility, also shows seat reviews, like which seat has a lot of noice, less pitch, etc.


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Why??? You're better off with Qantas or Malaysia, where there are Y seats on the upper deck. Transit through BKK is an utter pain. 


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What's wrong with BKK? It's a nice airport, and if I recall correctly transit passengers don't need to go through security. 

It is perhaps a little on the large side, but after 12 hours in economy I'm happy to go for a bit of a walk. 



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@TRB - cannot agree more. Really WHY??? when there are so many (IMHO better) choices? Also I advise OP consider transit via Singapore with SQ, BA or AY. Flying economy is not fun, so make layover in Singapore for few hours and relax in swimming pool - you feel much fresher and can bear second leg much easier.


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Agreed - SIN is the best transit port. I would personally go with the QF morning SIN flight (81 ex-SYD, 35 ex-MEL, 51, ex-BNE) then hang around SIN all afternoon then connect on AY or BA on the midnight flight.


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TG is a classic airline. Great service, tasty food and roomy Y seats. They may not be all wizz-bang like QF, SQ and EK, but they are pretty special to fly with. I recommend them, but as TRB states, BKK is not the coolest airport to transit via.



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EK, whizz-bang? What?

Since this is the internet, let me tell you about the one time in the last decade a relative of mine flew EK; oh my god it was horrible and the seats were narrow and the crews were rude and the flight times ungodly. They did SIN-CMB-DXB-BHX and return in Economy. They'll never fly EK again! So you shouldn't either! /gasps in horror and shakes the OP by the shoulders

On a more serious note, Australia to Europe is going to be unpleasant even on the best carriers, so you may as well just think in terms of transit ports.


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I have not flown Thai as such but my brother did quite a long time ago and great little airline.The only thing I can remember for him was accidentally reading the wrong date for his flight coming home and was stuck in Bangkok for the day.Luckily he was with an American for the day in BKK so not to worry and get this was upgraded BKK TO MEL to first class.

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