Earning VA Points and Status Credits on ANZ.

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Earning VA Points and Status Credits on ANZ.

Hi All,

I am looking at heading to the US over the Christmas and NYE period for 2 weeks. ANZ has a good sale on for J class. Will I earn Velocity Status Credits and Points on the entire trip to the US


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Yes.  The booking is in J, can't see why not.  Make sure when you book it's not a mixed class fare with the short trans-tasman hop in ecomomy

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You will earn less VA points if you have higher status, flying ANZ as you do loose the status bonus.

But the more important thing is that you will earn the same SC as if you were flying VA, and this will help you climb the status ladder.

I have done several flights on the wide bodied, both MEL-AKL and SYD-AKL and back.

There is a propensity for ANZ to swap SYD planes, from wide bodied to narrow with the J, just be aware of this.

If you are flying from MEL/BNE or the SYD morning (non 15.45pm flight-this is the one they swap between wide bodies to the narrow), you will be guaranteed of a good flight, either the 787 or the 777 in J are very good.

Don't forget to ask for Expresspath cards when you check in!


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Just had a look at the (A)NZ booking website, a lot of the J fares will put you via Rarotonga in the 767, or they will put you into a 320 if you live in SYD.  Did a test book for several days in Jun 16, and it all brought up the 320 departing at 15.45pm SYD to AKL to meet the AKLint dep to LAX.  And no showings on the cheap fare of a 777 SYD-AKL.

They have the gall to charge you J fare on SYD-AKL, but on the 320, there is no J, you only get Works Deluxe, (empty seat next to you), this for some can count as quasi J, but to me, not good enough.  Esp if you are paying NZ a lot of $.

Hopfully you do live in MEL, or BNE, where there is a specific 777 that you can book into.  Or can book ($$$ I know), a VA flight to either of these if you don't live in MEL/BNE to meet that 777 flight to NZ.


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Martin has said he is flying over Christmas, and if he is flying out of SYD, all the connecting flights over that period are either 772, 773 or 789 aircraft, so there won't be any trouble with having business class the entire journey.

Those A320 flights you've looked at in Jun 2016 could be swapped for wide-body aircraft in due course.

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