Saw a SQ A330 today at SYD, have only seen 777's and A380s before is this normal?

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'Edit' function is coming.


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Therealbabushka, you get the point. This is not an English class or lesson, it's an aviation forum. No need to be a smart arse!! We all got the point to the question.


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TRB, As You can see on my profile my location is Beijing China, English is not my first language. So excuseeeeee meeeeee!

I came here to ask a question, not get a smart ass response.

As for those of you who answered my question, Thank You! :-)



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Please no English lessons, I have gone through enough torture to justify doing it again.


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Meanwhile 21 hours later and only one response to the post about the SQ A330 .... I question the relevance of TBR's diversion (and, yes, there is an apostrophe necessary this time).  I agonise daily in my career about punctuation but didn't even give it a second thought when I read jet_setter's post, I was more interested in the question and watson374 response.


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TRB, you have lost all my respect on this forum. Your  normal educated well informed posts I shall read no longer

wilsoni Banned

wilsoni Banned

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Southland, I agree TRB posts contributions that are educated and well-informed.  If, in this case, a little prescriptive. But I don't withdraw respect over one incident, especially where apology has been made. My two contributions were intended only as humour. Can we all now stop pouring petrol on a fire that should never have started?


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Hear, Hear.  Bad grammar is bad grammar.  It's a bit like the football players, who are always told that if you practice in a sloppy way, then you will end up playing that way.  Those who have ESL should benefit if they read sites like this and absord the intracacies of  our language.  Having said that, a gentle pointing out of an error is all that is needed.  One of our regular correspondents, Serg, mangles his grammar pretty regularly, and gets called for it occasionally, but takes it in his stride.

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