So what lounges should be next on Qantas' radar to refresh or completely refurbish?

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So what lounges should be next on Qantas' radar to refresh or completely refurbish?


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I think the international business louges in Australian cities are looking a bit tired as are the domestic Qantas Clubs. 

I would love to see the international lounges in Australia take the format we see in Sinagpore, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.


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I think that is what they are planning for Brisbane, with the merge of the First and Business lounge offerings in the international terminal...


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Would be great to see the Melbourne International Business Lounge refurbished and possibly moved somewhere with natural light and tarmac views. With the extensions to the international terminal some new lounge spaces have been constructed but I'm not sure if they're already leased or big enough for Qantas' needs.


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Next up is the Brisbane lounges. Qantas has also hinted that they are looking at Auckland.

There will probably need to be a review of lounges - which ones stay open and whether some new ones are needed. It's hard to see the justification for keeping Bangkok and Narita for example. Whereas, it would be great to see Qantas partner with some 'friends' (BA or Emirates) and open a new joint lounge in Dallas - particulary if Dallas ends up with another flight from a different Australian port. 


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Qantas has rolled out some great lounges in the last few years, but if I were in the hot-seat I would be focussing on Melbourne's international business, and changing operations at Gold Coast.


Good lord, does this need work. Not just a makeover, but a wholesale relocation! This is one of the most depressing lounges to visit. It's buried on a lower level, with no natural light. It feels like visiting a cave. Noisy, no privacy or greenery or light. A few cold fluorescent bulbs around the place barely offset your eye strain. Food offering is constantly abysmal.

Compared to Sydney International Business lounge, which is bright and airy and cheerful, Melbourne is like a cold, dank pit.


I wouldn't call this a refresh, per se... but the Gold Coast lounge intermittently closes for two hour periods in between Qantas flights of that day. The idea, I suppose, is to prevent Qantas members from using the lounge when they're flying on a JetStar flight.

I've chatted with staff, and for obvious reasons they're still employed during the brief closures (they just clean up and then twiddle their thumbs)... so the issue isn't staffing costs, it's clearly a disspirited attempt to save a couple of bucks not having to serve some (lousy) flapjacks and wine to Qantas travellers.

Example: I've been dropped at Gold Coast airport with travelling companions flying much earlier than I on other carriers, only to find the lounge door closed so I can't wait for my QF flight until 2hrs prior to departure. Similarly, have arrived at Gold Coast, and been prevented from enjoying lounge re-entry on arrival, which is otherwise marketed as a QFF Plat status benefit by Qantas.


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If by closing the lounge intermittently between flights, the intent is to restrict access of their own QF gold / platinum etc card holders into the lounge when flying on their own LCC subsidiary which up until recently was the only means of getting to the Gold Coast unless flying a competitor, then there is some flawed decision making going on.

I can remember entering the Ansett lounge as a kid, and being so overwhelmed that the food was limitless and free.... It was like sizzlers! But it quickly wears off when you've earned your own lounge access and have tasted the average food. The lounge is just a place to tap into the wifi, get some work done and grab a newspaper on the way out. Heaven forbid if your top tier frequent flyers arrive an hour early!


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Agreed on MELi.

I'd also like to add some of my own picks.


My god, this place is a dump. Three showers, terrible natural lighting, hardly any space. I'd rather go back out to the QP.


This one needs a service refresh. There is nothing premium about spag bol and dim sims. It's been thoroughly outclassed by the new SIN and HKG lounges - it needs to be brought up to that standard considering SYD is their 'hub'.


We need pizza. Damn you, Perth.


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Further to the above comment, Qantas ought to invest in a gargantuan amount of acoustic baffling to control the volume of noise in their lounges.

I prefer "segmented" / compartmentalized lounges, as this affords more seclusion when it's quiet and noise dampening when it's busy. (As opposed to the large open "paddock" lounges, where the clattering of plates and din of voices makes headphones at top volume compulsory. SYD domestic business and QF pub springs to mind.)

A collection of linked smaller spaces, as opposed to a big, open bull ring. I think the designers automatically think, "Oh people love big spaces, huge ceilings", and use that as a starting point... but no... there's more than enough of that in an airport. Give me a space that offers warmth and quiet so I can work or relax peacefully.

What an enormous relief to learn they're introducing the "Quiet Lounge" concept, whereby flight announcements no longer take place... I would take it a step further and appoint a noise control firm, (who do this regularly for offices, universities and hospitality industry, etc) to consult and install subtle acoustic features to dull ambient sound pollution in line with any lounge overhaul / refurbishment.


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I certainly add my voice to ausJCP's comments about the Melbourne lounge, it really is a dreary place, crowded and noisy. I’ve been in there at all sorts of times and there is not good time that’s for sure.

The Auckland lounge could use a refresh but I think that’s on the cards. I feel they need to work out a better option in PVG rather than the VIP 69 lounge which is yuk. With them moving to terminal 1 hopefully they will sort out something, but I doubt it.

Sydney Business and Qantas Club both need a refresh they are looking tired, worn and sometimes downright dirty.


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Always found the Cathay PVG lounge better, but still basic


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I was Platinum for a number of years before dropping back to Gold so I have really noticed the difference, agree the Melbourne International lounge is dreadful, crowded in the mornings, dark and depressing and very average food offerings. Sometimes I just go to Vue for a coffee and wait for my flight.

I really enjoy QF's Domestic Business and their International lounges in Hong Kong and Singapore, even the Sydney J lounge is much better with fantastic views, plenty of seating and good food offerings, but Mebourne is very average.

Flying to Hong Kong in September and booked on the QF29, has anyone ever used the CX lounge at Mebourne, not even sure if it is open at these times? 


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AKL is by far the worst QF lounge at the moment. Its always overcrowded and the decor makes it look like its stuck in the 80s. MEL International business lounge is a dream in comparison. Bar the lack of natural light, it it a million times better than the AKL lounge.

I travel very regularly to NZ for work (seen by my username) and choose QF as an absolute last resort - with the lounge being one of the main reasons for that. I hope they take over the current NZ lounge (which NZ will be vacating in the next couple of weeks) and completely revamp it. Fly the 330s more regularly to AKL, QF and i might just start flying with you.


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Agree that NZ is very tired (and indeed very old) and needs a refurb - I suspect it would get a combined lounge.

Haven't been to the MEL Business lounge in a while, but those lower floor positions (like the old SYD lounges from the early '00s and the CX Pier) are tough to get right.


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Aucklands so called "first" lounge is an absoulte disgarce!!! Frozen pizza's and party pies (I felt like I was at a 10year olds birthday party). I'm always forced to go to Burger King and grab a wopper the food is that bad.

The only good thing about the Auckland lounge is they have a phone charging station.

Brisbane's International lounge also is not much better but at least there is a bit of a view and real natual light.





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