• Qantas trims A380 flights on MEL-LAX

    Jan 29, 2018, 11:33 PM

    Theyve also cut my QF 95 787 flight MEL-LAX i was booked on for a Wednesday in June. Grrrr. Liked the idea of the evening departure meaning i could work that day before leaving, but now rebooked onto the morning departure thats no longer a possibility.

  • Great! Flying ADL-DOH-MIA in 3 weeks.Thanks a lot Trump!

  • This is great news! I fly regularly to New Zealand from Adelaide and this route has been underserved for a long time. I thought it would go to A321 or get a few extra flights a week over the peak period, but the 787-9 is a bonus.

  • I am very tempted to book this route with the current sale on, can anybody shed some light as to what the economy class cabin is like on these  non refurbished aircraft?

  • Beijing Capital Airlines to fly to AU

    Jul 12, 2016, 08:07 PM

    In my experience at MEL International arrivals, it is either an absolute shambles with crowds of people and massive queues or completely empty.

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