Folks, any goss on the cockpit drama at DFW?

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Folks, any goss on the cockpit drama at DFW?


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They were fighting over who gets to play Angry Birds on the cockpit iPad system.


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As much as I wish Al's suggestion was correct, you can find more on this story at the SMH:


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Nice one Al, but it's not April Fools yet! The pilot and first officer on Qantas' flight from Dallas were arguing about the weather of the flight journey until one of them grabbed the other and physical violence occured. I got that information from my workplace, but I'm 100% sure it wasn't something about Angry Birds and Qantas' iPad system is only available on its worn-out 767s.


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aero-seat, Al was referring to the iPads that the QF flight crew have which are loaded with their manuals etc, not the passenger iPads on the Qantas 767 aircraft.

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