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Is this really true?



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I think this is what one might call a brain fart. But I could be proven wrong.


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It's a third-hand beat-up.


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But a Dreamliner 'could' operate Perth-Europe...

(Not East Coast)... Whether it will is another matter


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Oh how I wish it were true. Perth to London none stop. Fantastic. I'd go for the weekend!

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Assuming Perth upgrades its current facilities, a standby airport is built for diversions (or Learmouth gets upgraded) and the fuel price remains the same as it is today. And the seating better be really comfortable because 18 hours stuck in economy is enough to make anyone borderline insane. 


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So now the local newspaper is running with it.   I have seen comments on other forums that London - Perth is a stretch for the 787-9, even before you start talking about alternates.

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