Herringbone Business Class layout- travelling with a partner.

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Herringbone Business Class layout- travelling with a partner.

Hey folks, long time listner- first time caller. I'm travelling on Air Canada SYD-YVR later this year with my partner. Any advice on whether it's better to sit opposite one another (e.g. one window, one middle) or both side by side (as in both window like 2K,3K) for the flight?

I'm figuring it's going to be hard to interract much anyway, but curious what others think.



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Hi have flow a few times on the CX747 in Business Class which is the HErringbone Layout. I agree that it dont make much difference but when the bed is flat, i have found it better to have my travelling companion behind or in front of me. its easier to pop your head over the top ben in bed mode in my view.


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Not sure if Air Canada has this, but sometimes the IFE remote can be used as a seat to seat phone. It might be fun to try that.


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On either side of an aisle worked well for having to travel with Miss 11sjw (8 yrs old) EWR-HKG-PER on CX. Much easier to get to each other.



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Herringbone layout truly sux for pair travelers. It is solely design. I like layout in new J in Finnair’s A330 is much more appealing - you can choose single or double seating for your preference. Also herringbone layout does not allow you to see properly what is outside through window.


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I've flown this flight in reverse (YVR - SYD).  I wasn't with a partner, but I can tell you that the only person I would have potentially been able to speak with was the person in the same row one front one back (i.e. 2K 3K like you suggested). 

Also if it helps, Air Canada's food wasn't very good on the flight but they had pancakes for breakfast that were actually top notch!  With proper maple syrup too. 

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