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If you fly AirNZ I understand that AirNZ are scrapping their smart new Space seats on the Prem Econ flight AKL,LA. Only been in service a year and they are going back to a standard 3/3/3 format by end next year. Almost like cattle class again. Any body heard this?


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This was attributed to Rob Fyfe on the 10th of August:

Air New Zealand is well-placed to take advantage of decisions made in the last five years to buy new, fuel-efficient planes fitted with innovative seats, including the first lie-flat economy seat for two and the premium economy Spaceseat, cost reductions and forming a trans-Tasman alliance with Virgin Australia.

It would be an expensive mistake if they did that and probably would out-weigh any yield gains from returning to the old format.


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Surely not? The space seats have been huge for them, won awards for the best premium economy seat going etc. 


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Hi johntw, when you say you 'understand' this, or have heard it, what's your source? All sorts of rumours circulate, especially on frequent flyer forums, and 99% of them turn out to be total rubbish, and I would suggest this 'rumour' is just as ill-founded. AirNZ has done very well with its PE seats, removing them form this route especially would seem a big step backwards. I would not bother worrying about this until you see it reported on a site with some credibility such as AusBT or some of the better aviation websites or newspaper aviation pages.


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AI, there are better aviation websites than AusBT?! :)


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AirNZ did recently use 777-200 aircraft on some AKL - LAX flights. These still have the old 3x3x3 premium economy layout. Perhaps this is how you heard of the old premium economy being used?

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