My partner hates flying.

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My partner hates flying. He prefers the planes that are configured with two seats only however have tried the rear of the plane seats and find them too dreadful on long haul (toilets, people waiting around etc). We want to fly to Milan next year and I would love to just look up the airlines that have two seats only.....


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Hi Claire

I assume you are considering economy class? You might like to consider Premium Economy, which in most cases will be just the two seats next to each other. if you a only thinking about economy class then you'll want to look out for flights on the A330 or A340. In economy class most airlines configure the A330 cabin 2-4-2 for example on Qantas:

I'm not too aware of other airline options, but based on my previous experience this would be my advice:

I have previously flown Sydney - Hong Kong - Milan with Cathay Pacific, and they operate an A330 between Sydney and Hong Kong, where by you and your partner could be seated with just the two seats. Unfortunately between HKG and MXP the flight is on a Boeing 777, which has 3 seats either side of the aisle.

Another option could be to fly into Rome with Cathay Pacific, and then take a nice easy train up to Milan. It appears as though the flights between HKG and Rome are operated on an A340, which also has just two seats either side of the aisle.

Whilst I don't have a fear of flying, I to much prefer just the two seats either side of the aisle when in economy so try and prioritise flights on these aircraft.

Best of luck, and enjoy Milan!


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Hmm... The general rule would be to aviod 747, a380 and 777 aircraft I would think. There may be others also. But layouts obviously vary between operators. For example, the 777 config in economy can be very different : 3-3-3 on Virgin Australia, 2-5-2 on Malaysia, and 3-4-3 on Air New Zealand.

Etihad Airways' a330's and a340's are laid out as 2-4-2 or 2-3-2 accross economy. You can probably fly to Milan from most locations in Australia via Abu Dhabi too. I can vouch for some reasonable legroom on the a330 too (I am 2 metres tall!), but you'll probably have the a340 to dubai. 

Economy seats upstairs on an a380 (singapore airlines, Qantas) tend to be 2-4-2 as well, I think.

As George says above, premium economy is a good option (if you can afford it!) as it is a much more comfortable flying environment. The layout tends to have 2 seats on the side of the aircraft (there are some exceptions)

Also, look for an airline that lets you choose a seat in advance, for additional piece of mind, and use - a great way to research aircraft layouts before you book.


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Great advice from George and 444desiro, especially the tip about a train to Milan!


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Your choice are as follows (I'm assuming you're flying economy otherwise I doubt these problem would crop up);

1) SQ A380; Economy Upper Deck (2-4-2 configuration - check before purchasing as some SQ A380 are not configured with Y class in the uppder deck)

2) SQ A330; 2-4-2 configuration

3) MH A330; 2-4-2 configuration

4) MH 777; 2-5-2 configuration

5) AA 777; 2-5-2 configuration

Rule of thumb:

1) Chose A330 aircraft

2) Check out seatguru for seat maps once you've identified airline/fares that fits your budget to make sure you chose the right flight.

But I fear your husband might have to suck it up as I dont know of any airline all the way from Australia to Milan. At least one of the legs from Australia will be operated with an aircraft with a 3-4-3 or 3-3-3 configuration.





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as I mentioned above, I've just checked and Etihad have direct flights from Syd & Mel to Milan with a 2hr stopover at AUH.

These flights are on the a340 to/from AUH, then a330 to/from Milan, which offers the seats desired. 

This option probably doesn't suit a QFF though!


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If the location is convenient, perhaps send him off the the 'fear of flying' course:

After taking part he should be ready to go anywhere :)


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Most of Etihad's planes are 2-4-2, they fly their A330 into Milan which is 2-4-2 so you will be right there. If you do book on Etihad just watch out that you dont get a 777, they are 3-3-3. SQ's Upper Deck A380 is 2-4-2, make sure that the A380 hasnt been reconfigured to all Business Class on the upper deck. Not sure about any other airlines that have 2-4/3-2 economy unless you are planning on looking at premium economy.

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