QF LAX - JFK transfer process.

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QF LAX - JFK transfer process.

Hi guys,

I have flow QF to the US many times but have not done the connection between QF93 and QF11 heading to JFK. Just wondering of the process of transiting. I know we clear immigration at LAX and continue to JFK and domestic passengers but want to know where we redeposit luggage/if we get our boarding pass for the onward leg in Australia or have to get it printed at LAX?

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Should get boarding pass in Australia.

You need to clear immigration/customs and then redeposit luggage immediately after that


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It's very well signposted. After clearing immigration you collect your luggage, then clear customs. Follow the signs for QF11 and redposit your luggage then clear security.

If you're lucky you'll have enough time for a quick trip to the lounge.


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It's not well signposted at all. Recently did QF 11 SYD-LAX-JFK. Customs and Immigration in TBIT which is a madhouse, no matter what class of service you travel on, given the multiple arrivals at that time of the day. Once you clear this, you bring your bag to an area just beyond immigration and a Qantas rep will check a list for your name. You're told to leave your bags next to the carousel. Then, it's back up to the departures, through security. There is no signage anywhere. Just QF staff asking "QF11 JFK?" The LAX-JFK segment is almost always delayed, because it takes time for people to reclear security and head to the gate. The flight I was on was on a 747-400 that had seen better days. Filthy interiors, worn out cabin, and not one with the A380 enhancements. Left LAX 90 minutes late, arrived 60 minutes late.


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Every time I've been through there have been signs with "QF - New York" or similar showing passengers where to go.


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Agree - is very well signposted.. 


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I've done this before, but that was years ago when it was still the same 747 though T4 as QF108. Not much has changed though.

You'll get the QF11 boarding pass in MEL just like you would for any other connection. Upon landing at IBIT, you go through CBP, collecting bags and then recheck them soon after.

Arrivals are on level 1. You'll need to go up to level 4 to clear TSA and enter the departures area.


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It is very easy but it really is a pain in the backside.

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