Etihad PER to CDG.

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Etihad PER to CDG. I give up, reviews are negative and positive on the Etihad flights to Paris via Abu Dhabi from Perth... 787 and then the 77W planes... all in economy... I take it it'll be worth upgrading but it's a steep cost for each sector... Thoughts? Will I survive being 6ft+ tall.. so far flights seem empty at the back of the plane and flying with my other half.


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I have flown on both the EY 787 & EY 777 recently. Albeit that I flown in J (Business) I found them to be a cut above EK. At the moment EY are offering some specials for J class bookings.


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Why are you limiting yourself to Etihad?

If anything, if you're concerned about space you would be wise to steer clear of Etihad.

Remember that case in QLD courts, where a passenger is suing Etihad for injuries sustained during a flight.

Does anyone have an update on this case? The court was adjourned to allow the claimant to undergo a court ordered medical assessment in Dec last year.



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Qatar airways. Brilliant J class and a cut above both EK and EY.



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And why just Etihad? If you have to fly economy, I suggest SQ - INHO one of the best in sardine class.


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