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QF Brisbane International Lounge: When will it be finished and can EK guests use it?

I'll be flying out of BNE to DXB in very late August, on an EK flight booked through Qantas. Any chance the QF BNE lounge will be renovated by then? If so, will I be able to use/abuse/violate/defile the QF lounge or will my predatory desires be confined to the EK lounge?

(Not that the EK lounge is bad. Just that I've desecrated it before and I would like to try the new-style QF lounges. And yes, I'll arrive early enough so I can do atrocious things to both lounges if necessary).


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I don't think they've even started the reno yet. To the best of my knowledge the Auckland lounge may start first


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Earlier this year Qantas advised us it'd be open in September: see Four new Qantas lounges will open at Brisbane Airport this year.


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Thank you very much. So I'll be one month too early. Damn. Ahhh well, thanks anyway!


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They can't come any sooner.  The current Brisbane arrangement is a disgrace, and the so called "First" lounge is a joke both in terms of the cramped layout and poor food offerings.

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