Buying Singapore Airlines seats with Velocity points

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HI , I wish to purchase a full economy seat on Sing Airlines ( Perth to Sing ) and get a business class seat with my velocity points. How can I do this and how many points will I need ?


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Paul: see How to book Singapore Airlines flights with Virgin Australia frequent flyer points for a general run-through of using Virgin Australia points for SQ seats.


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I will be surprised if you can use Velocity points to upgrade on SQ. I am pretty sure you will need to open a KrisFlyer account with SQ, tansfer some points there and try then.  GOOD LUCK and let us know how you go.


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You cannot upgrade using velocity points on SQ. First call SQ call centre to see how many seats are available on business class for your trave dates. Even though you get 15% discount to redeem those seats using SQ points, it is worth asking how many points you may require with and without the discount. 

Go to Velocity, set up the SQ transfer feature, transfer the required amount, then book those seats online. I have done few bookings this way, slightly longer process but works really well. 

SQ also has different categories of redemption (saver vs flexi. Usually flexi is double the number of points of saver!)


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Expert Flyer may also help in the search for seat availability.

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