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Hi! I travel extensively around the world in business class (currently Premier 1K with UA). I am thinking of switching loyalty to Oneworld. Can someone please suggest whether I should go for Asia Miles, Qantas Frequent Flyer or AAdvantage? Key considerations are low fuel surcharges for ticket redemptions, decent earning rate on partner Oneworld carriers especially Qatar, Qantas, Cathay, AA. Appreciate your help!


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Where are you based?


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Both US and OZ (6 months each)

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Hi swapozflyer, you posted this question twice with two different headlines so we've merged both together to keep discussion in one place.

Please post questions only once - AusBT admins can always edit the name of a question, which we've done here. :)


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Which cities do you fly to most often? Not long ago, I asked a similar question. I am a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program but due to relocation and a change in the nature of my business, I will be switching to either Qatar or Malaysia to gain higher tier membership faster.

Once you reach a higher status, membership benefits are the same, or differ very little across all airlines in terms of airport and in flight experience, so I'd say choose based on which cities you fly to more often. I.e. if you like flying direct to the US, QFF would be a better choice but if you like flying there through Hong Kong, the Cathay Pacific frequent flyer program might be better for you.


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I would suggest you avoid Asiamiles at all costs . On the 15th of this month the FF program changed making it one of the worst Oneworld carrier options to obtain status .In fact if you are based outside HongKong obtaining reward seats will be near impossible . Hong Kong based members holding a co branded credit card , only available to residents, have now been given a major advantage in obtaining those scarce reward seats .Those members at silver level and above will have access to reward seats three days prior to release for all other members .That means even at Diamond level ( Emerald Oneworld) and you are a member based overseas without the option to obtain a co branded cc you are at an immediate disadvantage given reward seats will be made available to silver and above HK members three days prior to release. As a Marco Polo member I am now also changing airline loyalty .From past experience it is extremely difficult securing a reward seat and now given this change virtually impossible . Obviously Cathay Pacific have decided to alienate their overseas based members .


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AA generally has better earn/burn rates and lower surcharges on Award Seat bookings compared to QF.  Not sure where CX sits.  Given where you're based I would've thought the choice comes down to AA or QF.  Which half of the year has the most flying?


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Based on your initial criteria (low redemption rate, low cost fuel surcharges and decent earning rate) I would suggest ... AAdvantage in its current form. Low Redemption tates, certainly low cost fuel surcharge (especially compared to BA and QF, CX not too far behind) and - like QF - a reasonably generous minimum mileage guarantee. Also, AA generally has very generous 'Buy Mileage' offers during the year which you tend NOT to see at to many of the other oneworld carriers. By it's very nature, AAdvantage covers more of the hotel groups for earning / redemption than others ie: SPG is not a direct QFF option.

The AAdvantage code-share options with QF (and v.v) for domestic and international travel are very, very good due to the Anti-Trust agreement / partnership.

Since you travel extensively in J on a yearly basis. I would opt for 'Platinum' / Sapphire in AAdvantage and perhaps also look at persuing 'Gold' / Sapphire as a backup, in QFF if you are not sure. The differences in Lounge Access policies may be of interest here.


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I agree. Swapozflyer, based on your travelling trend, I'd definitely go for Aadvantage.

If you flly mainly in coach in Asia, I would suggest BAEC as the accrual policy for Aadvantage in CX coach is rubbish. But since you fly Business, this is not a problem.



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Thanks everyone for the inputs!

@Chris - I'll keep the posting tip in mind going forward


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The issue with AAdvantage is it doesn't allow lounge access on shorthaul flights in North America and a program change is about to kick in making it more like the DL and UA program changes made last year.

I had been quite happen with QFF until the "simplier and fairer" earn changes they made. I had been considering CX Marco Polo as a replacement, until they announced changes as well.

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