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VA HBA Lounge. 6-12 months as per gate staff. I hope so


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As much as I'd like to think this is the case, and I'm not doubting you've been told this given that some flights out of HBA have more use the priority queue than the normal queue (or it seems like that at least)  I find it hard to believe.

I'd be surprised if the gate staff would know this as they work for Aerocare not VA and a major update to the plans that VA have would be announced by VA and not leaked by a subcontractor. 

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+1 Gate staff would be last to know, and a waste of time asking them.

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Hardly a waste of time asking (who even said they asked?), the gate staff would probably be more in the loop than the average traveller.


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The issue at HBA (and TSV) is not a case of VA delaying the creation of a Lounge.  It relates to the airport owners being unable or unwilling to provide terminal space for these lounges.  VA has been requesting space at both of these airports for a number of years but suitable space has not been allocated.  VA also had to wait a number of years in DRW until space was made available but this was overcome with the terminal extension.

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Hobart Airport has allocated space for two new airport lounges in its 2015 master plan. According to the terminal redevelopment section on the Hobart Airport website, there will soon be an announcement of a redevloped departures area. This will no doubt expand into the current Qantas/Jetstar arrivals area (there is a new arrivals area currently being built for all four major airlines). I wouldn't be surprised if two new lounges - 1 each for QF and VA are part of this expanded area.

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