Do you think VA inflight wifi will be free or will it be $$$

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Do you think VA inflight wifi will be free or will it be $$$


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Qantas says its wifi will be free so I think Virgin would have to follow but I don't think the 'free' service will be anything more than basic social media and simple web browsing, if you want to do more I expect you will have to pay for a 'premium' connection. The amount will probably depend on the duration of the flight, not how much data you use.


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VA also provides "free food", maybe their equivalent will be dialup?


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I reckon it'll be charged, if they're charging for seat selection now then you'll definately be paying for wifi!


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Given current bandwidth limitations, free inflight internet is probably useless.  I have been on EK whichis initially free and charges a nominal amount of USD1.50 for unlimited access and the service is hopeless because too many people are using it.  If they charged a decent but not extortionate amount (say USD10) it would discourage wasteful usage and become worthwhile to someone; as it is currently, it is useless for everybody.

Maybe the new Optus satellite that the Australian airlines will be accessing will overcome some of these limitations but I remain unconvinced.

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