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Hi all

I'm going to burn some points to go to Perth and back to Syd - I have points to go one way with QF and the other with VA. looking at business redemptions and wanting to try the a330 experience on both.

Are there any flight times to avoid (red eye obviously).... Thinking particularly of catering and those flights where you might end up with a snack instead of a meal because the time isn't considered lunch or dinner!



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I had a morning to afternoon PER to SYD which was a poor effort catering wise... I'll be heading back from SYD to PER this Monday at 4pm arriving at 930-1030pm and should be a full dinner service. I've done an afternoon SYD to PER around 2pm (?) cannot remember and that was a full lunch service and really good. 


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Buried somewhere on the VA website is the various time of day menu's for the A330 'The Business'. Menu served is based on time of departure (& possibly direction) from my recollection. 


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Just avoid the red-eyes and early morning flights (before 9:30am), and you should get a proper lunch/dinner experience on both airlines.

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