AMEX changes Platinum Edge Free Flight

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A few weeks before Christmas, I received  a nice card from American Express to let me know they were changing the free annual return flight on my Platinum Edge card.
To paraphrase "From March 2017, you'll get a $200 Travel Credit that replaces the complimentary annual domestic flight"
I would say this equates to a halving of the benefit, but since the card card costs $195 PA, it is still not bad value when you consider other aspects of the card. I will most likely read all the benefits in details before renewing though.


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Might be worth noting that for those with a Platinum Reserve card, there will be a $400 credit in place of the current complimentary flight.


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I too have this card and actually looking forward to the $200 value rather then the flight as I already receive free flights with other Amex Cards. On saying that, I wonder if I could call Amex now and ask can I change it to $200 now as I'd like to rent a car in January!


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I have had no communication from Amex yet that the $400 is to be applied to my Reserve card.

How is it applied?

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