• Probably easier just to give them all of your holiday money. I use 28 Degrees by Latitude for overseas credit purchases and Citibank debit card for cash OS  Both have excellent exchange rates 

  • If they join, will I get my Life Golden Wing membership reinstated? Well I suppose I should get over it LOL

  • I fly Virgin to USA  I go thru the wonderful US customs process and then onto Southwest in their roomy 737 with free  luggage and a brilliant boarding system (I pat the extra $10 for priority boarding). They don't show up on Skyscanner, maybe because of their pricing. Sure a bus in the ...

  • I flew LHR TO SIN on 380 late September. All was great except the gap between the seats at front meant I had peripheral vision of the seat in front TV screen and in my case the reading light, as the person read all the way. A little distracting. Travelled to Perth from Singapore on old 777-200 .A...

  • I disable data roaming. I use the free Telstra message to text normally but when overseas revert to old fashioned MessageBank and leave a message saying "I am overseas,do not leave a message but email or text me" I also get a text message notifying me of missed call. That way I can answer them if...

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  • USA trip advice

    Jun 01, 2017, 10:59 AM

    I went April 22 VA from Melbourne to LAX From exiting plane to exiting terminal 20 mins! Last year around same date over 2 hours. 

  • Hi SIAU78I agree with Simon re lounges. Not much access in Europe as VA platinum but SIA better than flying non Virgin aligned carrier. You can always join Kris Flyer and earn those points instead or transfer Velocitypoints to KrisFlyer. SIA is my preferred carrier to Europe but have never had or...

  • A few weeks before Christmas, I received  a nice card from American Express to let me know they were changing the free annual return flight on my Platinum Edge card.To paraphrase "From March 2017, you'll get a $200 Travel Credit that replaces the complimentary annual dom...

  • best usa sim

    Jun 30, 2016, 05:23 PM

    Just checked I think Verizon have sims for iPhone 

  • best usa sim

    Jun 30, 2016, 05:17 PM

    Trouble is ATT require USA credit card which requires a USA social security numberI donk think the carriers use sims but not sureNeverhad any coverage issues but usually stick to cities

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