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Going to the USA in a few weeks, has anyone gone recently? Curious if security etc. is slower and problematic since Trump?


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Entry into U.S is a lot more quicker due to automated systems, exiting U.S is always dramatic (same as travelling within), inefficient security lines and very very slow, arrogant TSA. 


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I now live in New York and travel across the US for work a lot. Things don't seem to have gotten much worse since Trump. In fact, at Chicago O'Hare airport in April, everyone was told to keep their shoes on rather than taking them off for screening (in normal lines whereas usually this is only for TSA Pre-Check).  

I have heard of things taking a little longer at Immigration (not too bad for people on Australian Passports) but security is business as usual here in the US.

Enjoy your trip


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I went April 22 VA from Melbourne to LAX From exiting plane to exiting terminal 20 mins! Last year around same date over 2 hours. 


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went to the US in the last 3 weeks (SYD-SFO-LAX-MEL) with the family in tow. Usually the automated systems are quite quick on the way in but as it was the family's first time with ESTA, the wait at SFO took over an hour.

Also went to BOS just after the election last year by myself and the immigration was quite quick.

On the way out through LAX, our young kids got us in the faster lane.

I feel it's variable at security depending on your appearance unfortunately, I have a friend who's from the subcontinent and he gets the "burger with the lot" everytime he passes through security (before and after Trump). 


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I flew Qantas through Dallas in April and was a little concerned. But had no problems. My advice is if you can avoid LAX or even SFO  as my experience flying direct into the mid west either from Sydney or Asia has been much easier.


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Mrs B and I have literally just finished transferring through LAX off NZ6. If it hadn't been for Mrs B being pinged by border security and detained for 90 min, it would've been a clear run. Once she was released from security, we managed to clear baggage and check in for a delta flight 2 terminals over within 30 min. Id allowed 3 hrs for mct and we boarded the domestic flight with 5 min to spare. 


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Just returned a few days ago from my 3rd USA trip since the Trump election last Nov. Each trip has been variable on US entry/exit points (ie. DFW, LAX, SFO, JFK) and each has involved significant domestic US travel.

Given status and a reasonable amount of AA travel, I'm lucky enough to secure PRECHK / Priority clearance. I haven't noticed any 'decline' in speed of security from TSA. That said, you can always get a 'slow-coach' pax in front of you that forgets to remove liquids etc from their carry-on, which can slow things down a bit. 

I usually do 3 trips to the US a year, usually a month in duration .. and have done so for the past 7-8 years. To the contrary, the adoption of automatic passport processing at entry points has improved things dramatically, especially at LAX, SFO and DFW.

Enjoy your trip .. these days, you're more likely to be delayed by a late-arriving / delayed domestic sector than by TSA.

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