Qantas Lifetime Gold and bored!

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I've just hit Lifetime Gold with QF and am looking for a new challenge. IMO, QF's current offer in the air is starting to get a bit long in the tooth, but I'll probably still do the bare minimum to maintain platinum. Also, I currently hold Platinum with VA, but pretty sure I'm not going to get there this year. To be honest, I'm yet to find upside with VA, other than lounges, when flying EY or SG. Any non-One World suggestions? SQ, EY? 


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If you're doing a percentage of flying into the USA, I can recommend the switch to Air NZ. I have lifetime Gold with QF and platinum for years but stopped flying them in January 2016. Air NZ have been excellent and status matched me to QF Gold. I've made Ellite and they give partner Elite for my wife.


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I'm not sure I'd be jumping from Qantas anytime soon...

From a domestic stand point there is little if any difference in the "up there" experience between Qantas and Virgin - same aircraft, same seating spacing (within an inch here or there), same preferences for higher tier customers, little if any differentiation in meal/drink offerings.

From a lounge stand point, I've always found the Qantas lounges to be superior to Virgin - the Virgin lounges try too hard and seem more like a tarted up Leagues club - throw in a corner of pokie machines...

I also think we'll see more Qantas lounge upgrades across the network as we are currently seeing in Brisbane. 

I don't have any experience with Virgin internationally so can't comment...

Aspects of the Qantas international fleet are getting old, like the 747 fleet (which I'm about to get on from Brisbane later this week), and the trans-tasman service, but like the lounges, we're entering a stage where new aircraft will start to enter service and the 'up there' product will change (though I'm in the sceptical camp in relation to the 787 economy seating config!). 

Ultimately, what works best for you will depend on where you need to travel to, and how much you covet status... 


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I might just run for QF Platinum (1200SC) instead of Platinum One (3600SC includes 2700 on QF) from this year, since they're both OW Emerald came with OW lounge access worldwide except Al Mourjan, Al Safwa and Concorde Room.

I've mentioned before, I got Lifetime Gold last October.


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I reckon it would be a good idea/encouragement for QFFF to offer a pathway to Platinum for Lifetime Golds' by allowing them to only need the annual difference between Gold and Platinum to qualify. That would be the "loyalty" incentive for those who can actually make choices to "invest" in QF for added benefits (moving to Platinum)



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With QF creating the Platinum One status, dont know why they can't create a Lifetime Platinum status, instead of just having Lifetime Gold.


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Agree LTG offers no real incentives to remain loyal to Qantas. At a minimum requalification to Platinum should be 1200 SCs not 1400. 

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