Congratulations Jetstar pilot.

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Full marks to the Jetstar pilot in Bali who had the Adelaide family thrown off the flight for not taking their allocated seats.
They knew they were not seated together, why did they take other peoples seats. Seems like bad behavior disturbing everyone on board and something everyone could have done without.


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Agreed - Why should the people who pay to allocate their seat together be divided just because a family were too cheap to pay to sit together in the first place. Complete ignorance to rules, and any disgruntled passenger that refuses to move to assigned seat poses a risk. The solution of kicking them off was fair and reasonable considering their actions.



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I personally utterly sick from such pig-style behavior when people like to pay peanuts and then expect whole word revolve around them. They flying JQ, a company that charge for everything and it is known upfront. Like to be seated together? Pay few dollars and choose your seat before checkin. Too bloody greedy? Then POLITELY ask someone to swap seat with you and you may succeed.
Worst similar behaviors I observed when lady from economy cabin with way too many bags came on board of JQ flight BKK-MEL and having difficulty to stuff her bags above her seats came into business cabin and saying something like "F### this business!" stuffed two of her bags in overhead storage.


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I mostly  get an aisle seat, I  love the people who ask you to slide over toward the window as if they are doing you a favour by wanting the aisle seat, then they get snotty when you say no and then they carry on about the way they will be up and down the whole trip to get stuff out of their bags, some people just seem to turn feral when they walk through a plane doorway for some reason. 


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If you want to try your chances, by all means go ahead. But if no one wants to swap with you, no crying allowed.

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