How to make a booking at the Qantas First Lounge (Sydney) spa

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I'm flying BA First from Sydney to London next month, which I understand entitles me to use the Qantas First Lounge. How do I go about making a booking at the lounge spa? Will I get the chance to book in advance, like Qantas First passengers?


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Yes, only Qantas First passengers can book a spa treatment in advance, they get a phone call from a 'Qantas First Host' the day before their flight. Everybody else has to just take their chances on arrival at the lounge, you can ask about spa appointments at the lounge's front desk when you arrive. Unfortunately there is no 'priority' system for first class travellers on Emirates or OneWorld airlines, so you will have to take your chances with whatever is available.


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Spa treatments are available for any passengers on any airline (even Chairman's Lounge members flying SQ!) - and as others have mentioned here, you just rock up to the front desk and ask if there's any spa sessions available.

Obviously busy travel days (weekends, Mondays) see more people seeking a spa spot than mid-week and of course it depends on what time you get to the lounge.

However, as you're flying on BA that would be BA16 which leaves around the same time as the QF1 A380 to London via Dubai, so unless you do the full T-3 checkin (although I think at SYD this is more like T-3.5, or it was last time I took BA16) you'll be up against a lot of QF1 flyers (including of course its F pax).

My own experience with getting a spa session just on turning up is maybe a 75% success rate, but that's certainly influenced by the fact that I take advantage of Qantas' all-day checkin at SYD to beat the traffic and arrive very early, even for an arvo flight – because once the morning peak subsides (around 9.30am) the lounge is super-quiet for a bit.

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As there are so few Qantas flights nowadays with a First Class (in fact only LAX and Heathrow A380's I believe), they should not have that many people booked in so a walk up should be a better then even chance


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I have a Qantas reward flight flying EK F class. Does the above still apply, I won't get a call because I'm not flying on QF.

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