• There is a lot more to these types of menus than you could achieve just by 'walking around', and some form of movement is always advisable on any long flight. I think you need to get a bit more informed about travel health.

  • I wonder how many people who criticise these menus have actually been on an ultra long haul flight which serves them such as QF9 PER-LHR in order to make informed judgement? I have flown QF9/10 twice now and the 'wellness meals' really do make a difference. You can still go for the traditional 'c...

  • There are some great tips here, as always from AusBT.

  • Owner of a BMW X3 here, can attest this is a superb car, just as I expected it would be. Great finish, very spacious of course, it's my first SUV and I would have trouble going back to a 'normal' wagon after this!

  • I have to admit this is very impressive! They can park inbound and outbound jets in close proximity and upguage the size of an outbound jet? Very smart!

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  • Star Alliance Gold status match

    Dec 20, 2018, 03:10 PM

    That point about lounge access is a very good one to make. UA Gold gets you no lounge access on domestic flights but Star Alliance Gold does!

  • 100% agreed. The AMEX lounge is also a good alternative if you have the right AMEX card but its very small and quickly gets crowded. I would definitely head straight to the Emirates lounge. It's over near gate 58. Give yourself enough time to get back to the other side of the terminal for your Qa...

  • Earlier this year Qantas announced it would fly a Boeing 747 jumbo jet to Honolulu over summer, from 7 December 2018 through to the end of April 2019, meaning a huge increase in the number of business class seats plus the addition of premium economy compared to the usual SYD-HNL Airbus A330. Th...

  • My 'go to' lounge is the AMEX lounge outside of peak hours. In peak hours it's just too crowded because the lounge isn't very big but outside those times it's perfect for me. A nice small quiet lounge, I never see any kids in there unlike the others especially Qantas, meals are light but enjoyabl...

  • Travel suggestions for Helsinki

    Aug 15, 2018, 04:17 PM

    There is now a train between HEL and the city, it's called the Ring Rail and the trains run in a loop, trains go both ways and because the airport is centrally located on the loop you can catch the eastbound I-trains or the westbound P-train, it's about 30 minutes in either direction to Central.

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