Best Oneworld lounge at Sydney airport?

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Flying out of Sydney next week with 2 hours in International terminal. I am QFF Gold, should i just stick to the Qantas International Business lounge, or are their any reccomondations?


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If you are flying out with Qantas, you have the option of the Emirates lounge (which is better than Qantas Business). If you are on another one world carrier, you will be mostly only limited to the Qantas lounge as it is the only one world lounge in Sydney.

If you have an Amex card with access, you can use their lounge too.


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There aren't any other Oneworld lounges at Sydney international. Qantas is the only one. However the Qantas business class lounge isn't much chop, and especially during the holidays it can get super crowded. As a QF Gold you're also entitled to use the Emirates lounge and I would honestly suggest this, provided it's open around the time of your Qantas flight. It's a bit out of the way, over in the same wing of the terminal as the Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand lounges, so not very convenient for Qantas flights, but it's got much better food and real champagne too!

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100% agreed. The AMEX lounge is also a good alternative if you have the right AMEX card but its very small and quickly gets crowded. I would definitely head straight to the Emirates lounge. It's over near gate 58. Give yourself enough time to get back to the other side of the terminal for your Qantas flight and set an alarm on your phone so you know when to leave the EK lounge because I don't think they make QF boarding calls there. AusBT reviewed the Emirates lounge here


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Like others said, you can access the Emirates lounge which is far superior to the QF Business Lounge. If you have the right amex card, it has a smaller, albeit quieter lounge too.

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