Sydney Airport's best business class lounge?

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Bob Burgess

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Like a lot of other business travellers I often have the choice of which lounge I can use, based on my choice of airline as well as using third-party lounges like the AMEX one. I'm interested to hear how AusBT readers rate Sydney Airport's international business class lounges, which ones are your 'go-to' and why?

Martin Haynes

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My 'go to' lounge is the AMEX lounge outside of peak hours. In peak hours it's just too crowded because the lounge isn't very big but outside those times it's perfect for me. A nice small quiet lounge, I never see any kids in there unlike the others especially Qantas, meals are light but enjoyable, decent selection of drinks. Hits the spot for me! Even when I'm flying Qantas I will generally us the AMEX lounge!


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

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Emirates Business Lounge is the best J lounge in Sydney Airport. An oasis amidst the chaos that is SYD. But opening hours are timed based on EK flights so may not be convenient for a lot of flyers!


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If you're on Qantas and the Emirates lounge is open that's the place to be, it's so much better than the terrible Qantas business class lounge. That renovation of the QF lounge can't come soon enough! I hear that The House which was the old Etihad lounge is coming up nicely too. SQ is very good, much better meals than the NZ lounge which can get super busy and crowded and noisy because it seems that all of Sydney's Star Alliance airlines send their passengers there!


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

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Another vote for the Emirates lounge. Best airline business class lounge in SYD by a mile.


Emirates Airlines - Skywards

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I love a departure via the Emirates lounge in Sydney, it's got everything I want. It's a very comfortable bastion in the Sydney lounge offerings.

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