Virgin Australia Boeing 777-300ER economy seating legroom

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Booked to fly in Y with my family on the new MEL-LAX service.  Does anyone know if any of the seats in this cabin are affected by the presence of an inflight entertainment control box underneath the seat in front of you, thereby compromising leg-room?


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I have flown VA on this aircraft before but can't remember about the box but I will say this Y class seat is one of the most spacious in the world. Almost as good as JAL 777-300ER. I was in the aisle seat both times if that helps. 


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no the modern IFE doenst tend to have these boxs as the initial ones did. or where they are they dont take up as much of the legroom that they previously did. have a look at seatguru but i havent seen any when i have been in Y. if you are worried about legroom try the space plus sections or PY.


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They do have a small IFE box under every second seat, but nothing too limiting. you can actually rest your foot on top of the edge for a different position - which after 13 hours is welcomed :) 

Last Nov I paid $145 each way for their new Space+ economy section......let me say, that extra legroom (38' compared to 32') goes a loooooong way in making the flight more comfortable. I could honestly say that every economy international flight on VA I will be paying for Space+ going forward. I found it a total life saver in terms of comfort, especially on the return overnight flight when the person in front reclines their seat for sleeping! It still allows you to watch a movie comfortably. 

It's a separate cabin at the front of economy (behind Premium Economy) just in front of the wing and not only does it allow for extra legroom, it also gives priority boarding, noise-cancelling headphones (as used in premium and business) and your guaranteed meal choice as they serve this cabin as a priority over the main economy cabin.

The international crew service on VA has always been good on my flights (I visit the US for work 3 times per year), although their food in economy has certainly slipped the last year or so which is unfortunate. But noting a subway from the terminal and a box of muesli bars in my carry on bag doesn't help fix :-) 

I do not recommend the bulk head rows (unless travelling with an infant in the bassinet) as the wall makes leg room a little limiting, although it has more room. These are generally at the exit rows and where people naturally congregate to stretch their legs also. If paying for the extra legroom, then Space+ cabin is the way to go. Just need to book ASAP.

Enjoy your trip!

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