Why does Jetstar always cancel flights to OOL?

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Hey everyone,

I was travelling from Sydney to Gold Coast and there was a really bad storm at Sydney. Our plane that we were waiting for had to circle for about 1 hr until it was allowed to land. We got news it was changed from an A321 to an A320 so the last few rows have to go back to collect there bags and check in again. Once the new aircraft came, and deboarded, it was all ready, and we were cancelled. So I had to collect my laggage, check in again, and I was lucky to get on the last flight out of Sydney to Brisbane, which was a hassle trying to get my car from OOL. Lucky I was at the front of the line, I think at least 60 were stranded. Another 3 similar situations happened to me again, and it only happens to the flights to Gold Coast.

Anyone know why it tends to be the OOL flights that get cancelled?


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You're flying Jetstar..? 

Seriously though, you're flying Jetstar... 

But seriously (now!), maybe they cancel these flights because they can't make the onward flight i.e. they will be stuck with a surplus aircraft at Coolangatta when its probably needed elsewhere in the network...Probably easier to deal with stranded pax in a major port vs leaving a aircraft stuck at Coolangatta...


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There are lots of reasons as to why JQ often cancels OOL flights first.

As markpk said it can often be because the aircraft is needed somewhere else on the network and generally the evening flights get the cut.

JQ aircraft run SYD-OOL-SYD and due to the curfews in both airports they need to be able to make it back in time when the aircraft is returning. Unlike other airports I think it may also be cheaper if they don't use a landing slot (I know BNE,SYD and MEL charge a lot for this) so getting the SYD-MEL/BNE flights out first can often be a priority. 

There are other several reasons like crew, forecast weather, pax loads and many more things that JQ use to decide which flights get the cut.


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Qantas do the same with the 717 services, if one goes down in the network it is usually the BNE -TSV evening flight that gets the chop, they can generally disperse most pax to the QF 737 at 19.50 or JQ service at 20.40, not much we can do about it unfortunately.


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High-frequency markets are usually the first to get the chop when a cancellation is required because, in theory, these are the easiest to re-accommodate passengers on other flights with minimal impact. Jetstar fly OOL-SYD a lot.

It's very hard to understand a specific cancellation without knowing everything else that is going on across Jetstar's network, but it's fair to say that all airlines including Jetstar have quite literally a team of people whose sole job it is to resolve these situations and minimize the impact of unexpected occurrences like weather, aircraft breaking, etc.


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It is absolutely ridiculous the number of Cancellations on SYD-OOL with JQ. Twice in the past have we got to boarding time (one we were already onboard) before they cancelled our flight for "Operational Reasons." Now QF flies there agin I fly them, no cancellations.

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