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Just received my new QF Amex Ultimate Card and, reading the insurance terms/conditions, I'm confused. It appears to say that only I, as the primary card holder, am covered for travel insurance, as my wife has a supplementary card. Hopefully I'm just misreading this, but it implies that if I book a trip for the two of us, she's not covered. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!


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Also says that passengers who are flying with you (provided they're booked on the same ticket purchased via your Amex card) are also covered.

Re-read the T&Cs (or call them) to confirm, but that's how I've interpreted it.


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Hi iM, 

I have the Platinum charge card and it is equally ambiguous! I took the family to the US about 15m ago and I did call the provider and clarified it. I received a response from them confirming that they were covered - their flights were booked on my card, my flight was separate but we were all covered. 

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