• Fun Fact: adding the satellite bump on the would cause fuel efficiency to drop, preventing it from making the PER > LHR flight.

  • given there's nothing stopping customers from playing loud noises from their devices without wifi, i can't see how wifi will change this.

  • > You can also be both a Chairmans Lounge member and a Platinum One (or other tier)Just a slight clarification on this one - Chairmans lounge is it's own tier that sits above Plat One. Above CL is Chairmans Lounge Plat One. You cannot be 'Chairmans Lounge Bronze' as the CL ranking would t...

  • I think people are significantly under estimating the cost and what's involved in getting the third party IFE system to be upgraded to support something like this.I heard on the grapevine once that it can takes months just to get a quote on time and what it could cost to make changes.

  • Feb 22, 2017, 11:09 PM

    I agree that the seat is fairly dated, but, for what it's worth, Qantas does 'let' you watch the safety video on the seatback, are opening some pretty decent new lounges (new BNE lounges just opened, LHR is opening soon), plus they offer chauffeur service for their LHR flights.

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  • I'm on the verge on hitting platinum (right before my expiry date as well), but moving to London next month. Is it worth pursuing platinum before I leave? I plan on doing a bit of travel throughout Europe and the rest of the world in the next year...

  • It depends. "Up to six weeks" is the line given by Qantas, and you can't lodge a claim until after those 6 weeks.Generally though, around 1 week is the usual turn around time, although sometimes it takes longer or happens quicker.

  • Qantas Amex Ultimate Card Insurance

    Mar 20, 2017, 08:29 PM

    Also says that passengers who are flying with you (provided they're booked on the same ticket purchased via your Amex card) are also covered.Re-read the T&Cs (or call them) to confirm, but that's how I've interpreted it.

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