VA booking dropping out of system

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I had a flight from MEL-BNE on Saturday. Went into the lounge and had the boarding pass scanned at entry with no issues. Upon boarding, the gate crew went to scan my boarding pass and it didn't scan. 

When they checked the passenger manifest I wasn't on the list, even though my boarding pass noted that flight and all full details. When they checked my booking number noted on the boarding pass it did not exist. I was heavily scrutinised on how I got a boarding pass and was asked for full details on my booking reference (which I had saved on my phone). I was then asked for ID and even though I had a business class ticket, was offered a seat in economy. 
I advised the gate crew my original booking was for business class and after much fuss by the gate crew they gave me a seat in business saying this was an exception. I was the last person to board.
I am a platinum member.
Just wanting to know if anyone else has been in this position as  VA Platinum member and how Virgin responded? It was extremely stressful being the last flight back to Brisbane that night and being treated like I had made an error. I was on a day trip and had received both boarding passes when I checked in. 


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Yes, but with J*. I found my seat was taken, and two genuine boarding passes had exactly the same seat on exactly the same flight. The flight attendant (not the ground staff) was kind enough to gave me another seat so I wasn't kicked off the plane, but it was still curious to me whether I was officially on that flight or not.


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Unrelated-ish, but about 1.5 years ago I was checking in for a 10AM Sunday morning flight BNE-SYD, and when I went to check-in using the kiosks, it said some kinda weird error had occured. I approached a general check-in counter, and after a concerned look and a few mins I was issued a boarding card. But, no explination. Kinda shrugged it off. 2 or 3 mins later I was in the queue for security and I heard my name over the loudspeaker to go to my gate (even though I was there 90 min before my flight). Went to the counter and the chick let me know someone had travelled on the 8:10AM flight to MEL on my reservation number and name. I had to prove with my car parking ticket I had literally only arrived at the airport at 8:20. Not my stuff up, but was made to feel like I had comitted some crime. Crappy unorganised airline who touts themselves as somewhat worthy of a full service carrier, but operate on a low cost model.

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