European square pillows

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Before I'm savaged for asking this question; I'm on holidays and being somewhat flippant and whimsical -Nevertheless still curious about this.

How are you suppose to sleep with a European square pillow?

1) Do you fold it in half and turn it into a conventional pillow?

2) Lie on it with your head flushed to the top of the pillow, such that your upper back is cushioned by the pillow and at an angle?

3) You don't use it. European pillows are just for decoration, like the 600 other pillows on the hotel bed?


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I like this. Something lighthearted in the community section and made me laugh.

I personally throw European pillows to the side. i don't understand them either. In saying that, they make a great back rest when sitting up in bed. Maybe that is their purpose?


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They're shocking from an ergonomic perspective to actually sleep on unless you need your upper torso, head and neck to be raised off the bed for some reason. Use them for reading et al., ditch for snoozin'.

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i with you - they make no sense. My theory is that they are a status symbol (my bed is so big, a normal pillow will not suffice) lol


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I've always done 1 if they are soft & squishy 


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I always like building a fort with all the pillows around my head so that my big head would be supported regardless of how I roll.

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